Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventures on Koh Tao!

We spent four days traversing Koh Tao by foot. The beach we stayed on is a thirty minute walk to Mae Haad (the port town) and another 15 minutes beyond to Sairee Beach, the busier, touristy part of the island. It was a breathtakingly beautiful walk on a trail that wound its way through nice resorts, jungle, and coastline. A couple of times we dipped into the water alongside the trail, climbing boulders and swimming into the ocean with our snorkel sets, entering the underwater world. I wish we had pictures of the coral and the fish that we saw, especially the school of hundreds/thousands? that we saw in one area at the point. Incredible! Also, along this walk we spotted our first Thai snake, a 4-5 foot long bright green viper! Aaah! It had draped itself across the trail, and we waited for a few minutes until it made its way safely out of our way! We didn't have the camera with us to share that moment with you, but maybe it's good we didn't try to get too close! :)

We discovered a restaurant in Sairee Beach with some of the best Thai food we have ever tasted: Narakaan. We went there three times during our stay, and one time, the owner was roasting his own coffee (pictures below!) It was fun to explore this island by foot (we walked miles upon miles upon sweaty miles during our stay there). We completed our stay on Koh Tao with a journey away from the island packed like sardines on the "Night Boat" (there's a pic of the outside of the boat, one of the ones at sunset, it says "SURATTHANI-KOHTAO" on the side). It was an adventure in itself, somehow we slept through most of the night, but spent all yesterday feeling like our bodies were still rocking at sea even though we sat firmly on land :) There's lots more to share, but here are some pictures for now to give you a glimpse of Turtle Island.